Not all batteries are the same!

A big part of what makes a MillerTech battery stand above the competition is our commitment to safety and reliability!

We always consider the quality of our products is the lifeblood of us. If our company doesn’t present quality products to our clients, there will be no market and no future for us. We have a strict quality testing procedure. When sourcing a new product, we always ensure that the factory has the highest quality standards and approvals. If their quality does not meet our standards, we refuse to buy from them.

  • Waterproof rating: IP67
  • Over Voltage Output Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Over Current Protection (dual blade fuse)

Each and every Millertech battery is built using only the highest quality materials that are available. The lithium cells used in our batteries are UL, CE, Rohs, and RU approved, meaning they have successfully passed all safety testing. Including, but not limited to, steel rod, puncture test, dead short test, high voltage overcharge test, 30 ft. drop test, and crush test. Our batteries have been in fires (caused by other sources), and even though the plastic casing burned completely, our cells kept their shape and did not explode. All that being said, we still always encourage our customers to use caution and care when using a lithium battery. This is an electronic device that is capable of high electrical currents. The greatest chance of causing a problem will come from overcharging the battery. Our BMS system has a built-in overcharge protection that could fail in an extremely unlikely event, so it is important to use a charger that is compatible with lithium. If at any time you have questions about your current battery charger, please call us and we will help you evaluate your situation.