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Our History

The Story of How Lester Miller Started Building Batteries

Our History

Lester Miller, the inventor and founder of MillerTech Energy began the journey of developing lithium batteries in the middle of the woods. From 2004 to 2017, he worked for a logger / lumbermill, located southeast of Middlefield, Ohio. Lester, an innovative thinker by nature, became frustrated with the inferior acid-powered batteries used in the winch systems and felt sure there must be a better power solution.

In 2015, Lester began searching for that better solution and he discovered the first lithium battery company in the U.S. They were located in Florida and offered a power product called the Smart Battery.

Experimenting . . .

Using his own funds, Lester purchased a $2,000 lithium battery, (a product that would now sell for $700). Unfortunately, it was not suitable for their application and the battery was non-returnable. Driven by curiosity, he decided to open the “Smart Battery” to see its inner workings. Inside, he found small lithium cells with circuitry connecting them. Fascinated, he began to research more about how lithium batteries worked.

Lester eventually found a source for lithium cells in Arizona.

Building Lithium Batteries

Lester then figured out how to design and assemble a circuit board and individual lithium cells. He began to build them and enclosed them in a plywood box to create a highly efficient lithium battery. Initially, he had no intention of starting a company; his primary goal was to develop a functional battery for use at the lumbermill and to power the lights on his own buggy.

After extensive product research, Lester Miller found a source in Asia and realized it would be far more economical to source the cells and components overseas. This development has made lithium power technology affordable for marine use, agricultural and industrial use all over the United States.

MillerTech dictates the design and development of their batteries, remaining in control of the quality of these power products. These batteries are manufactured to MillerTech specs, allowing them to offer up to 10 year warranties on most products. While there are other products available in the U.S., MillerTech distinguishes itself with superior customer service and warranty.

Progress Today . . .

In 2023, Lester moved the MillerTech distribution center from his home property in West Farmington to a renovated 42,000 sq. ft. facility north of Middlefield. This new location features a showroom and retail area, manufacturing and testing areas and a well-stocked warehouse featuring 30 ft. high ceilings, for a very efficient footprint.

MillerTech Energy now employs more than 15 dedicated employees. Currently they ship to over 800 dealers in Plain communities across the country,  as well as several locations in South America and Canada. With more than 200 packages shipped daily, orders placed by 2 p.m. are typically delivered to dealers within just a few business days.

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