Who we are

At MillerTech Energy Solutions LLC, we harness the power of innovation, integrity, and exceptional customer service to cultivate and advance the renewable energy revolution. Our passion lies in empowering people to enhance their lives through cleaner and resilient energy solutions, whether it be during their boating adventures, thrilling camping expeditions, or simply exploring the world with a green conscience. We firmly believe in conducting business with unwavering honesty and fostering the growth of our team members, thereby creating a sustainable impact that not only elevates the lifestyles of our clients but also glorifies the extraordinary tapestry of God’s creation. Together, we stand for a brighter, greener future – one innovative solution at a time.

MillerTech Energy Solutions LLC
Lester Miller /  General Manager

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Our Golden Rule

Do unto others, as you would have them do to you. Here at Millertech, we value this rule and try to live by it. We try our very best to treat everyone fairly and all our customers are valued and treated with respect. Without you, our company would not exist. We are a faith-based, family business, and our goal is to operate and manage our business in a way that brings glory to God.

Why Choose MillerTech


We listen to our customer’s suggestions and look for new ideas, and innovation always! Our best products have come from ideas shared with us by customers. We have many more new and exciting products that we are continually adding to our Millertech line. Watch for upcoming ads!


We always consider the quality of our products is the lifeblood of our business. If our company doesn’t present quality products to our clients, there will be no market and no future for us. We have a strict quality testing procedure. When sourcing a new product, we always ensure that the factory has the highest quality standards and approvals. If their quality does not meet our standards, we refuse to buy from them.

Invested in our Customers

At MillerTech, we invest major effort and resources in new product development so we can meet our customer’s energy goals. We are committed to creating and maintaining long-term relationships with members of our supply chain, distributors, and end-users. We’re invested – in the success of our customers, our distributors, and our future. It’s a commitment we make, and try to keep every day!

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