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12V 5A Charger
Guy’s Guide Service
Never worry

Powers all my boat lights, camera equipment and other personal electronics for multiple days

Miller Tech Lithium Batteries

Awesome company and top of the line product. I would highly recommend them to everyone. Very satisfied with everything I purchased.

Great quality

My new favorite shirt


I could not be happier with this purchase. My batteries arrived two days after I placed the order and the packing was absolutely perfect. The install was smooth and I ran them for the first time today. After about 6 hours of fishing I still had 70% charge remaining. I decided on MillerTech after speaking to a few friends that fish for a living and they spoke very highly about both the product and the company. Thank you Millertech for going above and beyond!

Great Batteries

Using them on a 28’ Blue Wave Boat. Great battery life.

Perfect fit.

Clip is a perfect fit. Transaction was super easy, shipping was fast, packaging was professional.

Great quality stands up to tough working conditions!

We've ordered dozens of these headlamps over the years. The guys are very tough on them and they stand up to extreme use. We mainly reorder because they lose them. Ugh! Keep up the high standards! Thank you!

group 31 battery tray

great tray looks great holds even better

Trolling motor

I recently ordered two 12v 100ah sport to run my Force trolling motor. They were delivered within four or five days from a weekend order. Only been out a few times but am extremely happy with them so far. The blue tooth is pretty cool so you always know how your batteries are. 👍👍

Slotnik headlamp mounting clip

Near identical to original clip which holds lamp to the headband

24/15 Charger is amazing!!!

On time delivery and performs above expectations!! I will give you all of my battery and charger business from this point on!!!! Thanks! GB’s Jigs and Rod Repair

Order and shipment super fast!

I was super impressed with the customer service prior to my ordee. I called Millertech and asked a bunch of questions with answers to all. I was advised of a package which would save me money and made my order online. My “Boost package” arrived quickly. Ordered on Thursday, arrived on Monday. I will update or leave an additional review after I use it.

Better than the original!

The clips proved to be a direct replacement for my Slonik headlamp. They fit perfectly and seem to be sturdier than the original clip that it came with. Shipping was super quick. Great company to buy from! Will definitely use them in the future.

Batteries do the job!

Couldn't be more pleased. Does everything they advertise. Makes boat ride better without all the weight in the rear.

12v 75ah intelligent lithium iron phosphate

Perfect battery for my kayak trolling motor nice and light with a battery level gauge. 👌
Shipping was crazy fast.

Keeping up on the ot hours!

Working well. Been working OT since I got the headlight and it is working well.

No more battery stress!!

I eliminated a bunch of weight, cleaned up my battery compartment, maximized my trolling motor power & will never stress again over running batteries dead on the water!
Thank you...thank you...thsnk you!

The RIPPED Package
Mike Pedlar
New to Lithium

Had reservations about making the financial commitment switching to Lithium batteries. Did alot of reading posts on FB and thought I would go to someone who I assume run their batteries extremely roughly. Mike Defibaugh who fishes the NWT happens to live fairly close. He told me about MillerTech's reputation and customer support and as of so far he was spot on. I had multiple questions before the purchase and then again during the install. They were very quick on responses and even sent a follow up email to insure everything went OK. Looking forward to the amazing quick charge and longevity of each charge.

Sport series battery

You will never run out of power with this beast of a battery.

100AH 12v battery

So i must give credit where credit is due. Something happened that doesn't happen in today's society very often at all. I actually just experienced wonderful ! customer service. What a breath of fresh air!
So here's what happened. I purchased two 100AH batteries from millertech some time ago. Unfortunately, one of the batteries failed, somehow it had a small amount of water in it, we're still trying to figure that one out. They sent me a new one right away. Some time later, i had a board failure on the other battery. So when i went to jump that battery off to try and see maybe if just went to sleep, the cable clamp popped out of my hand and landed on the new battery that was replaced and suffered a major arc, ruining that battery. I was beside myself with what i had accidentally just done.
So i called them up, told them what was going on and told them i just destroyed the new battery they warranted me awhile back. They instructed me to send them back for repair. So i did. They replaced the one, and repaired the one i destroyed and it was no charge. I couldn't believe it! Wow!! Now look, they could have said, yep, you killed it. Gonna cost ya 1k for a new one. But they didn't, repaired it at no charge.
Rarely ever do you see that today. Wow. Just wow.
LIFETIME!! customer for a GREAT! product and stellar customer service!!

12V 75AH

I have been using them for 2 years now with my Ultrex and they have been great. The last super long and the digital readout is nice. Never had one issue with them. Great battery

Marine Cranking battery and 4 bank charger

great battery, hard to kill! run's all my electronics 2 15 inch, 2 12 inch graphs, livewells, and radio all day and night. 4 Bank charger keeps it topped off and quickly.

Blazing fast delivery

Called Millertech and talked to Robert. Very courteous and answered all my questions. Battery installed and appears to be ready. Hitting the water tomorrow 1st am.

20ah intelligence lithium iron phosphate battery

Shipping was fast and battery was perfect for my Kayak electronics!🎣