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So far so good. Haven't had the chance to put in a lot of time on it yet but what i have it's been great! Customer support was great answered all my question in a timely matter which was one reason I went with you guys!

Very cool herocards. Glad I bought them

Amazing product backed by amazing customer service

Before purchasing this battery, I reached out to MillerTech and my questions were answered the same dial via email. I feel that’s rare in today’s world. The battery arrives next day. I am using the battery to power an electric outboard and it performed perfectly. The Bluetooth app is a great addition and I used it quite a bit.


Greatest move ive ever made fishing!

Very happy so far with performance of my MillerTech system. Have doubled my fishing time over the wet cells I replaced. Great product, fast shipping, and great customer service. Thanks MillerTech

Great Hats

These hats are very well made and really comfortable to year.

Good job

Efficient reliable communicative service.

Noah Gragson T-Shirt
Jason Rasley
Great shirt

Excellent shirt with intricate details. Hope y’all continue to sponsor Noah in the future.

Happy with my purchase

Installed a MillerTech 100 amp hour lithium phosphate battery to power two humminbird helix nines. It is doing so wonderfully, with plenty of capacity left after four hours on the water. Have not tried using mega live also with the two graphs. But I imagine the MillerTech battery will be sufficient for my needs. Definitely better than lead acid in parallel for those juice sucking graphs. I am using a separate lead acid battery just for starting/cranking. so far so good. Very happy with my purchase. Also MillerTech customer service support was outstanding in guiding me to a lithium battery charger. The charger I used for lead acid batteries did not fully charged the lithium battery. Word to the Wise, If you buy a lithium battery, get a battery charger made to charge lithium batteries.

So far, so so good.

My 36V, 50AH powered my 36V Rhodan trolling motor for a legit 7+ hour run time in rough conditions and I still had 33% battery left at the end of day. Highly recommended. Super fast charging.

Capt Kenny

Too early to rate


Perfect dedicated battery for graph and gls 10

Noah Gragson T-Shirt
Vicki Koraus
Noah Gragson T- Shirt

Awesome shirts, good quality, great design. Thank you.

24V 80 ah and 12 V 135 ah

Just installed these last Wednesday and am headed to Canada on Saturday morning to fish for a week. I’ll let you know how they work!!!

Millertech Scooter light

The scooter kit that was purchased was a great buy, I love how bright the tail light is I'm not sure why that shouldn't catch the traffics attention!

Best cranking battery for bass boat

Running 2 12” graphs and one 15”. Mega 360 and LSV34 live scope. Live wells on auto and boat stereo all day. Fished with this setup two solid days on one charge. Couldn’t recommend a better lithium battery

Very, very pleased.

First thing is the customer service is the best in the business. I received my battery and charger the next day, after I ordered it. The packing of the battery and charger was awesome was packed extremely
well. I have ordered a 24v 60amp battery with a 24v 10amp charger along with a 12v 40amp battery and a 12v 10amp charger . I am extremely well pleased with both batteries and chargers. I was on vacation for a week and fished 5 days of that week and never had to charge the batteries. The 24v 60 amp ran my trolling motor, which was on constantly, even on spot a couple Windy days. The 12v 40 amp ran my electronics. With no problems from either set. At the end of the week my 24v 60amp still had 72 present left and the 12v 40amp still had 80 present left . I am extremely well pleased with both batteries and chargers. Great customer service , great batteries great company. Been telling all my friends about these batteries. Thank you very much, may God bless y'all and your company.

Great Product!

works great, very bright

Lithium Debate!

I’ve been debating purchasing lithium batteries for almost two years! Weighing the pros and cons and if the hype was really legit. Well, here’s my hype, the 12v 100ah intelligent lithium is unbelievable! I had just in last two weeks fished two big tournaments and was on the 36v Ghost trolling motor hard. The first tournament when I was done still had 89% left the second tournament I had 86%! Definitely worth money!!

5 Star Rating

Before purchase, I researched and compared many dual purpose LiFePo4 batteries including warranties, Bluetooth capabilities and other specs. Also verified the use of a lithium battery with my Mercury 250 Four Stroke Pro XS. In speaking with Miller Tech personnel, I found them to be friendly and willing to answer all questions. On the water, days of almost 9 hours have gone as expected. I run 3 Lowrance HDS Live12’s and an Active Target 2 with consistent voltage. This didn’t happen with my dual purpose 2 1/2 old group 31 AGM.
Battery and Miller Tech are definite 5 stars.

The perfect battery

This battery filled my compartment perfectly. Really liked that the connection position is at the end. This will be like having three batteries in one. Terrific

Game changer

I trolled for 5 hrs and used 3%. I kick myself in the butt for not converting yrs ago.

Noah racing cards

Delivered very fast no damage … wish more companies would offer cards like this

Awesome customer service

I dealt with Roman at Millertech and he went above and beyond in resolving my battery situation. Millertech has not only knowledge as it pertains to their products but they also excel at customer service which is something most companies have abandoned. If you want a quality product and outrageously good service then this is where you should shop.

Noah Gragson Hero Card